30 Days to Keto – A roadmap to health that suits your unique body, lifestyle preferences and goals.

30 Days to Keto

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What you’ll learn

  • How to safely transition into the Ketogenic Lifestyle with actionable step-by-step guidance


  • Follow the guidelines, this Detox and eating plan is to be used as a whole. In 30 days, you are going to be able to pinpoint the toxicity of things that drain you.
  • In addition to the food choices, choose to look at the whole picture and see where else TOXINS can be removed from your life.


This course was created with you in mind.

What you will find here is based on a handful of simple, principles that teaches us how we should live our lives for maximum health. These principles have been translated into simple steps to help you streamline the process, detox, eat right, move frequently, and most importantly, pause! You will also find guides and delicious Paleo and Keto recipes, that are easy to prepare from commonly found ingredients.

But the process goes beyond food!

Broaden your network – you’ve already joined this class – now it’s time to engage the community, actively participate, develop new relationships, and investigate the invitations to join new tribes and circles that come your way.
We live in such a competitive society that we won’t allow ourselves to show vulnerability and end up forgetting that it’s less about the endgame and more about the willingness to invest time and energy in the process.

Remember, energy flows where the attention goes.

It all starts here!


Who this course is for:

If you have a hard time losing weight and has tried several different diets, and found out that Keto works for you but don’t know how to get started and how to keep it consistent

Course content

1 section • 14 lectures • 33m total length

01:56  Welcome to 30 Days to Keto
04:07  What Is Keto
02:32  The Benefits of the Ketogenic diet
02:25  Supplements
02:35  Common questions and mistakes
01:53  Good Fat vs Bad Fat
03:05  Getting Started
00:39  Gentle Detoxification 101
00:34  Questionnaire
02:13  What nourishes you off the plate
00:25  Goal Worksheet
04:58  What nourishes you off the plate
04:38  Creating your vision Board
01:38  Final Thoughts

CLICK HERE to Get 30 Days to Keto Video Course


Cuca Moreno
Certified Health Coach

I created this page to support you in every way!

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned about more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.

Nutrition has always played a significant role in my life; I genuinely believe that food can be the most communal and binding thing we humans could possibly have, thus my desire to make a positive meaningful difference in people’s lives by sharing my heritage, my culture, and my knowledge.

In today’s society, every minute of every day millions of dollars are spent to persuade us to eat foods that are not really fit for human consumption, we learn so much about our culture from different types of stimulation, movies, magazines, television, music, and we trust in these things so firmly that we believe we have to fit in with them ourselves. We are taught that our value is based on our appearance, our relationship status and the food that we eat, and we are blinded to the fact of how important it is to understand what foods we are attracted to and why.

Food is about the individual, not about the theory. What’s good for one person can be detrimental to another.

Drawing on this concept, together we will work on a roadmap to health that suits your unique body, lifestyle preferences and goals. The end result here is to help you own and enjoy the happy healthy life you have always envisioned while experiencing pain-free living and enjoying food without fearing it, by taking control of your mind and body in order to unleash your full potential in every aspect of your life, and I believe that you can change your life at any point, you just need to set your mind to it.

By simply sticking to the principles, you will be able to enjoy, improve and maintain your health and your desired weight for life.

All you have to do is to put your best foot forward.


You deserve it!


CLICK HERE to Get 30 Days to Keto Video Course


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